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DID Numbers

didXL only sources telephone numbers from reputable local carriers. We are always looking for the best deals in terms of quality and pricing and we do not resell the services of common aggregators.

XL Savings

Free Channels

We pass on all the benefits of our direct carrier interconnects and our rates always reflect local cost structures. We don't ask for minimum commitments and offer flexible service terms with free channels in all of Europe.

XL Service

Reliable and Scalable

With our number inventory we facilitate setup and configuration and reduce the ordering time to a minimum. Outstanding commercial and technical support makes it easy and enjoyable for you to grow with didXL.



didXL combines the benefits of IP-communications with the established structure of local telephone networks. We help operators expand their networks and increase reachability by giving them easy access to local DID numbers from multiple countries.

We developed a new approach for wholesale inbound services based on transparency and simplicity, using an advanced online provisioning system and a global VoIP network with multiple POPs.


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